Claire and Ellie Update

April 18, 2017

Claire baby is 8 months old! She has had a bit of a rough past month, with pink eye, colds, and other issues, but seems to be getting better every day. We have had some regression with sleep, and I think we spoiled her too much when she was sick. She’s just so sweet otherwise, it’s hard not to give in and hold her when she wants you.

We’ve had some milestones happen the past month as well. Claire is sitting on her own really well now and rarely tips over anymore. She can stand, holding onto a chair or something on her own. She will eat whatever we are eating for dinner. This is major considering she would hardly eat purees a month ago. She loves big flavor. Spice, seasonings, you name it.

She says “dada” and “baba” now. We’ve been working on mama, but she prefers to say dada alllll day long. I think she will probably say “sis sis” or something to that effect for Ellie soon. She can make an “sss” sound and we refer to Ellie as her sissy a lot. She is enamored of Ellie and watches her carefully all the time. She loves to sit and play toys with her and Ellie can make her laugh the best of anyone. They are usually very sweet together.

Claire still loves to pinch and yank hair. She mostly does this when she gets hungry or tired. She will grab big handfuls of your face or neck and pinch as hard as she can – little stinker.

Another new trick is this fake little laugh she does. It sort of sounds like a machine gun. She and Ellie will mimic each other making this noise and each can get the other going.

After being mostly bald her whole life, Claire is finally growing some hair. It’s getting much thicker in the back, and I love how the top gets extra fuzzy after a bath. She hates baths with a passion and screams the entire time. We are hoping she will learn to like them soon if we let her take one with Ellie.

Claire loves dogs and giggles like crazy if ours is being silly. We have to be careful though, since we’ve noticed she breaks out in hives when licked. Claire is starting to have some stranger apprehension and lets out a bloodcurdling scream if she feels scared. She’s definitely more of a mama’s girl than Ellie was at this age. Can’t say I mind too much. I always say she is like an appendage and I feel weird any time I don’t have her with me.

She is still mostly the sweetest little presh ever, but we are definitely starting to see a little more of the spicy side of her personality coming out. If she’s not in the mood to have her diaper changed, watch out! I’m excited for this summer and being able to be outdoors with her more. She loves it!

Ellie bells is growing up so much lately. She speaks like a first grader in a three year old’s body and sometimes I just crack up at the things she says. She is a firecracker and challenges me on a daily basis, but she can be super sweet and helpful when she wants to. We have some hard days where I want to give her to the zoo, but she can also be a lot of fun.

Ellie loves her preschool class and talks about her friends there all the time. I love to hear her stories about who was nice or mean that day, and what songs they sing. She has always needed some structure in her week, so I’m looking for some things to keep her busy this summer. She’s currently in swimming lessons and has made a lot of progress in the last few weeks. She can even swim underwater for a few feet on her own now, which is a drastic improvement over when she started. We often have a battle to get to class, but once she’s there, she does really well. I look back at photos of a year ago and I can’t believe how big she looks now. Even though this is a challenging age with her, I often wish I could keep her from growing up for a little while. She’s not a toddler anymore and soon won’t even fit in the little girls clothes section, which kills me. Love you Miss Bells!

By Katie

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