Claire Bear 11 Months Old

July 10, 2017

Claire turned 11 months on the Fourth of July while we were traveling on a multi state road trip. We covered lots of ground, so I’ll share an update on that soon. Meanwhile, my baby won’t. Stop. Growing! Claire is so much fun and I wish I could keep her this age for a while longer. She has been seeming so much older to me lately.

New skills over the past couple months include “So big,” shown above, clapping her hands, waving hi and goodbye and spinning in a circle while sitting on the floor. She’s really fast if she’s on wood! Claire still crawls with her right leg sticking out straight. She is fast, but thankfully still scared of stairs and has been leaving those alone.

Claire hates to be disciplined and told no. She gets so upset and cries huge crocodile tears. She loves baby dolls and stuffed animals and will hold them tightly while patting them on the back. She will also pat me on the back if I’m holding her too.

While she is mostly a little sweetie pie, she does know how to hold her own against Ellie. They have been fighting over toys a lot already. If Ellie has something Claire wants and won’t share, Claire will pinch her as hard as she can with a vicious little face. She will still do that to Ted and I too if she gets mad enough.

Claire refuses to be contained in anything but her high chair now and only wants to be carried facing outward so she can see what’s going on. She has been pulling herself up to stand pretty well and is so eager to walk, but doesn’t quite have the balance down yet. She can crab walk on all fours if she doesn’t want to crawl on rough terrain.

So far she has two teeth, which started popping through a few weeks ago. Ellie didn’t get any until right before her first birthday, so Claire is a little ahead of her there. Claire still loves animals and says “woof woof” if she sees a dog. She loves food and has been out eating her big sister at meals lately. Claire had a hatred of baths until about a month ago, and now loves them, as well as her little kiddie pool. She sleeps well, but we are still working on getting her used to sleeping places other than her crib. Claire bear loves to be outside and I can’t believe I’m planning her first birthday party in our backyard next month. Love you sweet sunshine girl.


By Katie

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