Claire Evelyn – 3 Months

November 4, 2016

Claire is three months old today!


Before she was born, I wondered what her personality would be like, and the answer is that she is the sweetest baby I’ve ever seen. Well, maybe she’s tied with her sister, but in truth, she has an easier smile, and is far less quick to fuss. She is the most laid back little sweetheart and I can’t get enough of snuggling her and smelling her amazing baby smell.

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Claire is happy just to go along for the ride. With an older sister, it’s harder to stay at home for naps and things throughout the day, but Claire will sleep anytime, anywhere that she needs to.

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She has been sleeping in her crib for the past couple weeks and… sleeping through the night routinely! She goes down around 8:00 pm and doesn’t wake up again until around 7:00 am. Or maybe she does, but we never hear her fussing. I love having her in her own room because she is a grunty/snorty sleeper, which kept waking me up when she was sleeping in our room. She loves to be swaddled, and I swear by that because it worked like a charm with Ellie too.

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As far as milestones, Claire has pretty good neck control now. I love to wear her in my Solly wrap and go for walks, or to the grocery store with her in that now. She is a busybody and likes to watch her sister and me walk around. I usually put her in her bouncy seat in the kitchen while I’m cooking dinner and as long as she can see me, she will sit there happily for a while. She has grabby hands lately and pulls on her clothes or pinches my arm or neck while I’m holding her. Sometimes she flashes me her cute little belly if she pulls up her shirt! My favorite thing is that she often gets chatty after eating lately. She makes the sweetest goo goo gaga noises and her face gets so animated like she’s really trying to say something, I can’t even stand it.

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It’s crazy how much your heart can grow with each child, and I feel like the luckiest to have such amazing little girls.

By Katie

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