Claire Evelyn – 4 Months Old

December 10, 2016

Claire just had her 4 month checkup on Thursday and she’s growing like crazy. She’s 98th percentile for height and 75th for weight (15 lbs, 6 oz). She caught up to Ellie for height who was always around the 98th percent or higher, but she’s not quite as much of a chunk.

I spend every day smothering her with kisses and smelling her head. It’s the best!

Claire has a new trick that I haven’t caught on camera yet, but she thinks it’s pretty funny. She blows raspberries (or strawberries as Ellie calls it haha). She can get a fair amount of spit going, so watch out!

Her other trick is rolling over. She can go from her front to her back pretty regularly, but can’t quite get her arm out from under her to go from her back to her front yet. Any day now probably.

I mean, don’t you just want to squish her?

Claire is starting to use her hands to hold and grab for things now. I can’t wait until she can put her own pacifier in and hold a toy long enough to entertain herself.

I thought I would throw in a couple pics of big sister, just because. Ellie loves her window seat in her bedroom and spends a lot of time there playing or looking at books.

And in case you wonder what it’s like to live with a three year old, this pic is a pretty good example. She is full of sass and threenager attitude these days. She still has her sweet moments, but she is definitely sugar and spice. She decided a couple months ago that she was done with naps, and recently started all day preschool, which she loves. My baby is growing up!

By Katie

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    Mary Rhoads

    Adorable pictures Katie! I love how you photograph all of these moments! Precious memories of those early months that fly by. Claire is such a sweet baby! Oh, and Ellie, the always lively big sister.

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