Claire Evelyn – 9 Months Old

May 5, 2017

Claire was 9 months old yesterday. She is the most delightful little girl and I get comments all the time about how she seems happy all the time. She mostly is, unless you get too close to bedtime when she’s just done with everything for the day. She has a lot of stranger anxiety lately, so no offense nice cashier lady at Costco who made her lip quiver and eyes well up just by daring to talk to her.

Still no teeth yet, but this girl will eat anything we are eating. She likes spicy Mexican, chili, pesto, any fruit, most veggies, tiny pieces of meat, you name it. She will only tolerate a few kinds of baby food purees, and other than that, she would much prefer to eat adult food. We’re still working on her hand to mouth maneuver skills, but she’s getting better at that every day. She puts food in her fist a lot and can’t figure out how to open her fingers to get it in her mouth.

Claire’s newest trick is getting on her hands and knees in a crawling position, but she still hasn’t figured out how to actually move anywhere yet. And I’m fine with that for a while. It’s so much harder to baby proof the second time around when you have your older kid’s toys everywhere! I just love Claire’s little grin and the fact that she smiles so easily for me all day long. The best is when I get her up from her naps and she just lights up.

We weren’t sure what color her hair would end up. It was definitely more brownish at birth, but now I think we have another little redhead in our family. I think she’s going to end up with my dad’s auburn reddish brown. When I was pregnant with Claire, we used to say she was doing gymnastics all the time because of the crazy flips and kicking she did. She’s still a huge busy body now too. She rarely sits still and always has to be kicking something while you’re feeding her, or she’s trying to roll around and get into everything. She is also a vicious hair puller and gets this evil little grin as she reaches for Ellie’s hair or my own. I’ve resorted to wearing lots of ponytails, but she still grabs the hairs at the back of my neck all the time. Little stinker.

This picture… I mean I just can’t even handle it.

These two love each other so much. Ellie always talks about how she can’t wait until Claire can play with her. I know they will fight, but I also think they will end up being best buddies.

Whenever I go pick up Ellie at school, she’s so proud to tell everyone that Claire is her baby sister. Love these girls so much!

By Katie

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    Jackie Peterson

    Hi, Katie. Ellie looks just like your Grandma Weller used to. Claire looks just like your mom used to. I love your words and photos. Your writing is very eloquent. It’s so hard to keep in touch with family members that are so far away. Your site makes that easier. Thanks for posting it.

    Love, Jackie (your mom’s cousin “Patty”)

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