Claire’s Almost One!

July 31, 2017

Every mom says they can’t believe their kid is a year old right? Well, Claire’s birthday is on Friday, and it feels like we just did a first birthday party for Ellie about five minutes ago, so how can it be Claire’s already?

I can’t even describe how much joy this baby girl brings our family. She is the definition of sweet and she has such a fun personality.

Claire had an ear infection this past week and I could immediately tell something was wrong because she’s never fussy for an extended time without being sick or hurt. She had a high fever and just wanted to snuggle, and I was happy to oblige. Normally Claire is on the go and into everything lately. She pulls herself up to stand very easily now, and cruises around furniture. She just started walking with her little push cart last week, so it probably won’t be too long before she’s doing it on her own. She crawls very fast and sometimes does it on all fours if she doesn’t like the texture of the ground on her knees. It seems like she’s constantly getting new bumps and bruises and her clothes are always filthy at the end of the day. She’s very curious about the world and is always watching what we do. We had soup for dinner the other night and she saw us blowing on it, so she did the same to her own food. So cute!

Claire is a champion eater and will eat anything we are eating. She still only has two teeth, so I’m looking forward to her getting a few more. We have a family vacation to northern Michigan coming up soon, so Claire will get to experience her first beach trip soon. She loves to eat sand from our sandbox, so this should be interesting!

I love you my sweet beautiful Claire! Happy almost birthday baby!

By Katie

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