First Birthday Baby!

August 14, 2017

It happened! My baby turned one on the 4th and we had a party and left for vacation all in one weekend. There’s not much to say about her party other than my heart and house were full of the people we love and not even the rain could spoil my sunny girl’s big day.

We had a vintage/baby animal theme with pink glass and old lace. I went crazy with the dessert table, because when else do you have a good excuse to eat way too much cake? I made several flavors so there was something for everyone.

There was nothing delicate about the way Claire dove into her cake. She grabbed fistfuls and facefuls and would have been happy to eat the entire thing if I let her.

The party was full of little kids running around causing chaos and Claire couldn’t have been happier than to be in the middle of it. She received her very own Bitty Baby and shrieked with excitement and irritation until we got it out of the box for her. She has been dragging it around ever since. I love this sweet girl more every day. Happy 365 Claire!


By Katie

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