Fluffy Pancakes

August 21, 2017

I like to try new recipes and have probably made a dozen different pancake ones over time, if not more. I have a separate file for my keeper recipes and this one for fluffy pancakes made the cut. It is consistently delicious, and tastes better than the box mixes by a mile. We like to add blueberries, or chocolate chips sometimes for a special treat.

You can find the recipe here.

I own the recipe book this is published in as well, and I highly recommend it. A lot of the recipes can be found online, but I like having them all together in one place for easy reference. She’s not Martha Stewart for nothing you know. The original classics version of this cookbook is great too. I bought both of mine used on Amazon for a couple dollars each and they are well worth it.

Besides using real, pure maple syrup (we get ours from Costco!), I have a few other tricks to creating the perfect pancakes.

I already mentioned the cookbook, and this recipe calls for powdered milk. For whatever reason, this makes the lightest, fluffiest pancakes, and I’ve tried every dairy product out there – milk, ricotta, yogurt, sour cream, you name it. The recipe calls for regular white flour, but I actually use half white, half white whole wheat, because I like to pretend that I’m making them healthier. Or at least more filling. King Arthur is my favorite white whole wheat. It has a really light taste and consistency, unlike a lot of other whole wheat flours I’ve tried.

As far as equipment, I can’t recommend an electronic griddle enough. We just have a really inexpensive one like the one shown, and it’s so nice to be able to cook six or so pancakes at a time. We just lightly wipe with water after cooking, so it develops a great seasoning, like a cast iron pan, and I don’t have to spray with nonstick or use butter anymore. You can also use the griddle to make french toast, or grilled sandwiches (we love to make grilled cheese with tomato and avocado). I also have a spatula turner with a really thin edge that works great for flipping pancakes.

Another thing you can do with this recipe is mix together all the dry ingredients and keep in a jar to use like a store-bought mix. Then all you have to do is add the butter, eggs and water and you’re good to go. I think I might do this and give some away as teacher gifts this year! Yum.

As you can see, Claire approves of the chocolate chip add ins.




By Katie

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