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March 30, 2017

I’ve had a bunch of fun projects through my etsy business lately, so I thought I would share some of my favorites. This project is from a repeat client, whom I have previously done a master bedroom, guest bedroom, dining room, and most recently the den. They were so much fun to work with and I absolutely love how their daughter’s room turned out. She even had some input on the wallpaper selection and other things. In this case, her bed, vanity and flowered pillows were existing pieces to work with, and everything else was new.

Here are the rest of the rooms. I love getting repeat business from clients, and I’m hoping to receive some photos from them when they complete these designs.

Did you know that I can help with just accessories or outdoor projects too? This was a recent project where the family had a ton of built in shelving in their house and weren’t sure what to display and how. I received photos of each cabinet/built in that needed arranging, and found accessories, or told her how to use the items she already owns on the shelves.

For each room, the client receives detailed purchasing info with clickable links to buy everything used in the design. Sometimes I find items and suggest looking for similar pieces at local stores like Homegoods, Marshalls, antique shops, etc. Those types of places may have similar items at lower prices than I can find online, so my design is used as a jumping off point.

I can work with any budget. I love the challenge of finding the perfect furniture or accessories in the price point I need. After a recent string of accessory related projects, I can tell you just about every vase, basket, planter or decorative box that exists from any major online retailer. I like things to look collected, so it’s fun to find a good blend of pieces that don’t look like you just ordered everything from the same catalog in one day.

The best part about working on designs for other people is that it has inspired me to start working on my own house again. I was feeling a little burned out and uninspired to finish certain rooms, but I keep running across things that I like for myself while working on my business. Planning to share our completed kitchen, bathrooms, and Ellie and Claire’s rooms soon.

So anyway, if you have a room that needs a little love, or know someone else who does, please let me know!

By Katie

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